We at Diyaan optimize human creativity, ideas and potential with technology to create splendid articles of diamond jewelry. CNC stands for Computerized Numerically Controlled technology and we like to call it ‘Completely Neat & Clean’ artwork.

CNC is niche and modern having the capability to create infinite combinations and designs.CNC is a catalyst since it accelerates the production process and enhances the quality of jewelry. But it’s the pre & post processes i.e. our imagination, inspiration, craft and human touch that add beauty and value to that work of art.


Benefits of CNC

Light Weight | Great Strength | Impeccable Precision | Quick Turnaround Time | Excellent Finishing

A piece of jewelry is a synergy of tiny units which give it texture, flow and aesthetic value. Hence each motif of our jewelry and every diamond set in it is as unique and fundamental as the stars, constellations and galaxies out there…we can reach out, design and create only as far as the universe is spread with all its celestial bodies…

Technology Marries Art.
CNC The Making

Diyaan CNC Bangle Making Video — 2:08 min.