Celebration !! That’s what our jewellery is all about ! Festoj stands for celebration which is our art, craft, brand essence and soul.

We believe in since everyone loves the idea to celebrate and looks forward to it. Be it any occasion we always find reason enough to make it special and revel with our loved ones.

A classic anniversary, graduating from college, a heartfelt kiss, birthday jubilation, bagging a new job, hosting a housewarming party, a token of appreciation, a surprise visit or present, handwritten letters, a nostalgic reunion, engagement and weddings, the joy of being a parent, vivid cultural traditions, a toast to new beginnings, a much needed outdoor trip, a fruitful investment gain, your favorite team winning the match, the smell of first rains, cuddling with your pet, cooking a delicious meal, a long walk with a friend, the joy of giving, simple blessings, a smile from a stranger, the little things, feeling good about something…for every mood and occasion Diyaan’s jewelry resonates the spirit of festivity and is honored to be instrumental to these beautiful emotions.

The challenge and thrill of bringing alive a sketch or an idea that would take your breath away is what drives us. We love to know (silently) and bask in the gratification for being the reason behind your awe and happiness.

Love is all you need. Something that is way more beautiful, deep and beyond the sparkle of diamonds, glitter of gemstones and the aura of gold. We take inspiration from nature, experiences, daily life, travel, architecture, festivities, culture…anything and everything that we connect with and touches us and put our heart and soul to come up with the most exquisite piece of fine jewelry for you.

Diyaan is your luxury destination to celebrate… so keep the celebrations on…cheers…