Diyaan…The Essence…

Celebration !
We at Diyaan believe in occasions everyday…celebrating the little things and enjoying the journey rather than waiting for the apt moment. As someone has truly said beauty lies in the details and someone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.
Our piece of art is a beautiful blend of man-machine and nature-technology. Being firmly grounded we believe in unlimited possibilities, designs, ideas and concepts which is the essence of creation, transformation and change
Diyaan is the brand of Creative Gems & Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., a diamond jewelry manufacturing and wholesaling company, specializing in CNC Machine Jewelry with high-end precision as well as customized handcrafted jewelry. CNC gives you light-weight jewelry with impeccable quality and strength. Based in Mumbai, India we cater to clients across the globe.
We create our own designs as well as take orders. Our inhouse team consists of experts in the field of jewelry production, design, diamond grading, technology, R&D, consumer behavior and insights. We diligently strive to create synergism in our work, people-products-processes.
Customer satisfaction and goodwill is our driving force.


An Electronics Engineer from Mumbai University with a Master’s in Digital Marketing from New York University I have a penchant for creativity, designs, diamonds and jewelry, travel, cultures, sports, reading, healing and spirituality.

After accomplishing Graduate Diamonds from GIA Carlsbad I did trunk shows in New York. Engaged as a Marketing Analyst at Christie’s, involved with events at TED Talks and being the Marketing Director at Henri Daussi in New York enriched my experience, skillset and perception.

I have had the honour of being associated with Indian celebrities and fashion designers at Madame Style Week 2014 as well as being a speaker-panelist at S.P. Jain School of Global Management, Mumbai in association with MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Management, Milan.

Solo travelling across the globe has given me the opportunity to learn new things, get inspired, relive history through architecture,connect with people, soak in nature, get insights and give back to society.

Being the third generation in the business I strive to optimize technology, data and analytics blending the old and new methods. Everyday I imbibe from the immense experience of my father Mr. Ketan Shah and it’s amazing to observe the live genius at work. Being a multi-tasker I shuffle and juggle new ideas and projects firmly believing in collaboration and coexistence.

I believe our collections will touch you since a piece of art is not just made of gold and diamonds but more importantly the intangibles: values, creativity, insights, research, craftsmanship, energy, hard work and love.

While I am on the move exploring new opportunities, working on new ventures and ideas and looking out for new collaborations and a global team feel free to get in touch and welcome to our office-factory in Mumbai to know more about the CNC Technology.